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Violinist, Violist, Conductor, Music Educator 
 R E V I E W S

Press Acclaim for La Monica


“The ensemble’s irrepressible energy and pitch-perfect timing proved a winning combination.”

—San Francisco Classical Voice


“They blew away everything else I had heard that week. The energy with which they dug into their music was more characteristic of a rock band than a chamber ensemble. 

—San Francisco Early Music Society News

"Ondine is the ‘violin whisperer’  of music teachers. Her lessons with young violinists are playful, supportive, and productive all at once. We are so grateful she is teaching our daughter” (Leslie T)


"Ondine is a wonderful music teacher. Our 5-year-old daughter had tried piano with other teachers and was not enjoying it; with Ondine, suddenly piano was  something to look forward to. Ondine has a magical touch with kids, understanding their developmental qualities at a deep, intuitive level. Her lessons are a great mix of structure and spontaneity, challenge and fun! “ (Kimiko G.)


“ Dr. Ondine Young is a wonderful musician and teacher. She taught violin to my younger daughter. I was really impressed by Ondine's patience and skills that she used to turn my busy-bee 5 year old into a student who would follow instructions during the lessons and play her violin at home. Ondine was also the baroque chamber music coach of my flautist older daughter. Ondine, an expert of baroque music, was not only able to explain the group how to interpret a baroque piece but also made the rehearsals really fun. Now, both of my kids are in college and thank to Ondine, music is and will always be part of their lives.” (Agnes M.)

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